Kabbalah - 72 Names of G-d

The study of the 72 Names of God is rooted in Kabbalah - a mystical branch of Jewish teachings that explores the hidden aspects of the universe, the divine, and the nature of existence.

The concept of the 72 Names of God comes from an interpretation of Exodus 14:19-21, in which Moses parted the Red Sea. According to Kabbalistic tradition, these verses encode the 72 three-letter names of God.

The 72 Names of God are considered sacred combinations of Hebrew letters believed to carry profound spiritual power and significance. Each three-letter combination represents a unique aspect of divine energy or a particular attribute of God.

In Kabbalistic thought, 72 symbolizes completion and unity, reflecting that these 72 Names encompass all divine qualities and potentials within the universe.

Kabbalah teaches that by meditating on these Names, one can tap into their spiritual energies and positively change their lives and the world around them. Each Name is associated with specific intentions or purposes, such as healing, protection, abundance, or spiritual enlightenment.

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